Rolling Thunder

Something a bit different. Paula takes advantage of a prolonged thunderstorm to read a story about rain.

An excerpt from the Yellow Fairy Book titled The Witch. May be a little scary for small kids but results in a happily ever after. Sweet dreams...

Let’s Have a Party!

Paula returns with the ultimate guide to party planning with Let's Have a Party by Mary Cullen. Some strange recipes, party games, and decorating ideas await you. Sweet dreams...

Leopard to whale

Closing out the animal dreams from L to W this time. 

Elephant to Lamb

Let's get through all the animal dreams from 10,000 Dreams Interpreted! Paula reads just those from elephants to lambs. 

Back to the dream book once again for all the dreams about animals from badgers to donkeys. 


We return to 10,000 Dreams Interpreted this week with all the dreams ending in -ing. Sweet dreams! 

Ode to Summer

As the summer quickly turns toward autumn, here's a story about summer in England, Scotland, and Norway and lots of berries. Sweet dreams.

Cooking with 7UP

Paula is back! After an unexpected summer hiatus, Paula is back with a new cookbook all about cooking with 7UP. Sweet dreams!

This week we return once again to 10,000 Dreams Interpreted to cover the dreams about weather and water. 


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