About Good Night


Like myself, I know many of you have trouble falling asleep. Whether it happens occasionally or every night, I know well the frustration of watching the clock tick past the hours and minutes. Calculating how much sleep you'll get (or not get) if you just fall asleep now. Racing thoughts, anxiety, and knowing you're going to be tired the next day further add to the frustration. My partner and I both struggle with anxiety, the stresses of life, and work/life balance and our sleep quality suffers as a result; sometimes greatly. Which is why I launched Good Night. It is my sincere hope that by reading boring old books, my listeners will be able to clear or refocus their minds resulting in sleep.

Paula records Good Night in her home studio near Detroit. She is often joined by her cat whose collar bell can be heard at random times. 


Contact Paula via email at goodnightpaula@gmail.com.







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