Ode to Summer

As the summer quickly turns toward autumn, here's a story about summer in England, Scotland, and Norway and lots of berries. Sweet dreams.

Cooking with 7UP

Paula is back! After an unexpected summer hiatus, Paula is back with a new cookbook all about cooking with 7UP. Sweet dreams!

This week we return once again to 10,000 Dreams Interpreted to cover the dreams about weather and water. 

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In Emergencies

This week Project Gutenberg flagged something new for me to share with you - Harper's Household Handbook. Today I'm reading the chapter about what to do in case of medical emergencies. In 1913. Sweet dreams and good night...


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The White Wolf

After a long break, we return to the Grey Fairy Book with a short story titled The White Wolf. Sweet dreams...

Seven of 51

Seven random stories selected from Fifty-One Tales by Lord Dunsany, 1915. Sweet dreams...

The Spectre Bride

Paula is back with a folk tale from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. Please enjoy The Spectre Bride. This story was provided by Dustin from the Sandman Stories Presents podcast. Give him a listen for more great folk tales from around the world https://linktr.ee/Sandmanstoriespresents 

Haven't done an actual story in a while so please enjoy The Troll in the Church Fountain; an excerpt from Soap-Bubble Stories for Children.

Enjoy the first chapter from the Myrtle Reed Cookbook - The Philosophy of Breakfast. Paula even gets to speak a little French (pardon my Francais, native speakers). Sweet dreams...

Songbird birdsongs

Dreams about music and birds. Only music and birds. From 10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Hindman Miller.

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